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When you make the decision to work with a professional videographer there are things we like to account for so you truly choose what is best for you. Each videographer group will offer, specialize or carry a style that is unique to their philosophy and approach. Ensure that your vision is in sync with that of your videographers.

#1: The Ones Who Listen
The truly professional videographers
The reality is you as the marrying couple or corporate business are not holding the camera. You are thereby entrusting your videographers to carry out the vision you hold in your sight. The line we all know, especially in this case, is very true: With great power comes great responsibility. Ensure and communicate with your videographers what you want and if that is feasible on their end. Communication is key.

#2: The Ones Who are Fast
Videographers with a quick turnaround
Video production is no easy feat. And it takes a great amount of detail, expertise and know-how. Despite this, it is a common standard for one-day edit turnaround for wedding videos. Combine tip #1 with this advice: Communicate when you will receive your final video. For some, it isn’t necessary to receive the video the very same day. Allowing a little more time for production should free up some creative space! However, you do not want to the project to extend too long.

#3: The Ones Who are Local
The video professionals who have a sense of Hawaii
Basically, you want to hire the expert. You wouldn’t hire a guide to take you on Trail X if they’ve never been there before, right? The best videographers will be the ones who are most familiar with the location. They’ve spent time there and know when the sun hits where at what time, or know the weather conditions of a place. Not to mention the most advantageous scenic and cinematic vantage points too. You want a videographer who knows Hawaii and is not second guessing.

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