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How To Pick A Hawaii Videographer in 3 Easy Steps


You’ve read our “Top 3 Tips To Hiring A Hawaii Wedding Videographer” and have hopefully done your research. Perhaps you’ve layed out a vision and come up with a list of prospective videographers you are interested in. Or more often than not, you will get a referral from a friend who had their wedding video created by so-and-so. We’d also advise you to come up with a budget! After all that is said and done, how do you choose?

#1: Watch Their Videos
Do you like what you see?
The easiest way to know if you like the videographer of interest is to watch their videos! Hopefully it is an enjoyable task and hopefully you are inspired! Have they captured the essence of the place and the couple? Are they keying in on the special parts of the story? Do you like their shooting style? Even the music? If the answer is a “Yes”, you are nearly there in choosing the right videographer for you. Feel free to check out our portfolio to see if we are a good fit for your project.

#2: Read The Reviews
What do other people say?
We love to refer our friends or people we’ve worked with in the past. And these days, everyone loves a good review. A bad one can hurt as well. Your potential videographer should be vetted by someone you know who they’ve worked with. If not, that’s OK too. Just head to the reviews. Are they easy to work with? Do them complete things in a timely manner? And do they conduct themselves in a professional manner? Take these things into great consideration via their past client relationships.

#3: Go With Your Gut
What does your intuition say?
At the end of the day, you should get what you want. If a quality video is what you desire, consider going a little bit out of your budget or even comfort zone. For example, choosing the videographer who is not your friend but produces videos you really like. A video production is a huge investment and there is only one chance to capture the moment.

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